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Acquerello, The Rice

Scritto in data 16 April 2014

Acquerello: a watercolor of skies mirroring in the shiny flooded ricefields: nuanced tones of mosquitoes, spikes, a late June afternoon.

This the sight at Colombara, rice farm where the most prized among all Vercelli’s Carnaroli is produced; the Rondolinos’ Acquerello. Happy grains only, at the Colombara: organically grown according to the systems of seasonal rotation, as soon as they’re harvested… They rest.

Rice aging, 1 to 7 years long, helps the grain to make protein stucture stronger; that is to tighten up, lose less starch, retain better both condiments and cooking: only by then the product will be helix-peeled (the priciest rice-refinement method – but the slowest, and most respectful of the grain’s health) and reintegrated, according to a process patented by the company, of its gem – the nutritional “heart” of rice.

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