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Valentine’s Gourmet Menus: ‘The Romantic’

Scritto in data 8 February 2015

… When I fall in love
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‘Tagliatelle al pomodoro

Why. It’s Valentine’s and you want to make one special thing, for your special one. You researched and imagined the wildest and most elaborated recipes. But No, then you thought. In love you need simplicity. And care. To know how to appreciate little things. That, at their best, are the most surprising. The essential perfection of Pastificio Cavalieri’s Organic Tagliatelle meets Alicos’ cherry tomato sauce for a moment of true intimacy…

When. When your partners come back from work, if you want to see their eyes sparkle twice.

How. Cook tagliatelle in salted boiling water (1L per 100grams pasta): al dente. Strain and save some of the water. Use it to moisten the pasta as you add Alicos’ tomato sauce. Breathe deeply and realize Spring is coming once again. Share this dish with your loved one, topping if you like with a drizzle of good extravirgin olive oil.


Parmigiano and white figs Jam

Why. Because afternoons are everlasting, it’s still cold out and under the blankets it feels great. A snack, a kiss, a both comforting and enticing aperitif will make the atmosphere golden.

When. Late at morning, or early at night. Be off-hour; completely free to live at your own pace.

How. Lay Parmigiano on a wooden board and flake it to bit-sized pieces. Let it crumble and fall apart. Then use a teaspoon to trace weaves over the cheese, with that special jam. Look at the figs take place, let them kiss Parmigiano, lean for a while, slip. Taste strictly using your fingers, don’t forget to feed the best bites to your beloved. And have fun together, always.


Vesuvio Apricots and warm spices Crumble

Why. Because loving is also spoiling. At the right time, still especially in the right way. You melt like butter, lulled by the almond aftertaste of Vesuvio apricots. A bit of tenderness balances the heat of a spicy spirit: entrancing is the warmth of a hug…

When. At the end of the day, as an introduction to a tenderness of the sweeter kind. Remember to save some for tomorrow morning’s breakfast. 

How. Preheat oven at 200° C. Mix in a bowl 150g. cake flour, 50g ground almonds, 125g chilled cubed butter, 70g raw cane sugar – and slightly pinch together on your fingertips, without kneading, until the mass will form crumbles and some bigger lumps. Add a touch of spices: garam masala and fennel seeds, or cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper… Freeze for 10 minutes. In the meanwhile, drain the apricots from their syrup and cut them to halves, laying them down on a buttered tray cut-side up. Pour dough over the fruit avoiding manipulation to the least, and bake for 30mins, until golden and crisp; and the scent of butter embraces your home. Eat with a spoon the fruits as tender as kisses, and seek discreetly for his or her eyes.


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