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My grandma’s apple pie.

A good karma apple pie. Grandma since a while has stopped worrying. She’s light, as she forgets things and looks at me emptily, as if she was lost. I love her very much and remember, often, of those things she used to cook: spaghetti rolls wrapped in fried eggplants, the sweetest tomato sauce and ricotta … Continue reading »

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Principato di Lucedio – Rice

The Lucedio Abbey, in Trino, Vercelli area: here in the XV Century the Cistercian monks first introduced in Italy the cultivation of rice. Through an history rich in vicissitudes, having undergone the Papal and the Napoleonic domination thanks to its strategic position along the Francigena road, it is today a flourishing farm engaging in the … Continue reading »

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Acquerello, The Rice

Acquerello: a watercolor of skies mirroring in the shiny flooded ricefields: nuanced tones of mosquitoes, spikes, a late June afternoon. This the sight at Colombara, rice farm where the most prized among all Vercelli’s Carnaroli is produced; the Rondolinos’ Acquerello. Happy grains only, at the Colombara: organically grown according to the systems of seasonal rotation, … Continue reading »

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Brewery Paul Bricius

Vittoria, in the Ragusa province: a city situated on the southernmost point of the Island embodying the South itself, and all of it. There, on the Mediterranean which almost faces Maghreb (but is invaded: with Norman dominations, with baroque and Gattopardos) four friends decided in 2004 to enter the way of craft brewing. Ahead of times compared … Continue reading »

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In 1998 Pistacchio di Bronte was not yet all this matter of chatter, or after all really a popular product. Vincenzo Longhitano though, owner and manager at Sicilfrutti, already believed: the company was born. It becomes today a leader in the top-end confectionery, focusing on the processing of stictly the best certified ingredients. Only real … Continue reading »

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Pandolia, your non-conventional Panettone

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Montegioco Brewery

Ask Riccardo Franzosi, owner and brewer at Montegioco, what his beers are: he’ll answer “La Nicchia”… “The Niche”, with a deep and rascaly look, between irony and faith. La Nicchia is the market: of small productions. Montegioco wants to do things in the right way, doesn’t after all care about growing in mumbers… much at all! La … Continue reading »

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O’Scarpariell’ – Remember Summer, Winter’s coming.

Suole, stringhe e pomodori. Garlic, Olive oil, tomato. Nothing smells so Mediterranean… So coastal, with that scent of abrupt rocks peaking over old port towns, faded out by the brackish breeze,the Sun. But today Autumn came, wind is howling, it rains. The memory of hotter days, of warm stones and walls, of basil vases slips … Continue reading »

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Azienda Agricola Si.Gi.

A dynamic and captivating body for this farm/company: a vivid image reaching out to the future, design packaging, an in-depth and extensive communicational campaign. Still the soul is ancient: Si. Gi.’s production brings to light the most traditional of preserves from the countryside of central Italian Marche region; often reconstructing lost, archaic recipes. Such as brodo … Continue reading »

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Di Ciaccio – Craft baker

Do you recall the scent of freshly-baked sweets? Do you know what passion, tradition, a craft passed on through generation mean? Do you know that confectionery and pastry making, childhood and love are linked together by an ephemerous, soft trait? To better introduce this company, let you better understand what we mean by these words, … Continue reading »

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